Gabos Medical Center

Learn how Trackgent assisted in workflow improvement at medical facility.


Gabos Medical Center in Piekary Śląskie (Poland) is a private unit providing a wide range of health services related to consultations, examinations and treatments (including advanced surgeries) in number of specialties. Patients have at their disposal modern specialized outpatient clinics staffed by qualified medical personnel, as well as a same-day hospital.



Shortage of medium-sized medical staff (nurses) leading to difficulties in serving patients.


High demand for a system to identify nurses within the patient room.


Improve the efficiency of nurses’ work.


Trackgent solution was implemented to record nurses’ presence in patients’ rooms.

Data, collected form the system, may have been indicated as an input to medical records, which are managed by nurses, to reduce filling time and increase the availability to serve patients.


Trackgent solution combined with Medical Assistant (IT System from Gabos Software) provides a cutting-edge tool to streamline nurses’ workflow.
Work automation allows for an increase in the efficiency of medical staff.

Work automation allows to increase the efficiency of medical staff.​

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