How can Trackgent
apply to various industries?

Different industries face different challenges in the area of improving workflow efficiency and safety. An RTLS solution can be helpful in various scenarios enabling workflow management based on monitoring the position of workers and devices within different industrial sites.

Forklifts safety ROI
  • Prevent accidents by monitoring forklifts and people and implementing rules for potential collision detection.
  • Measure speed of the forklifts against set parameters.

Mechanical equipment safety ROI
  • Stop dangerous equipment when a worker is in an endangered position.
  • Allow only qualified workers to power on given device.

Evacuation ROI
  • Support evacuation processes by knowing the current or last known position of an object.
  • Automatically count tags in evacuation zones.

Lean manufacturing ROI
  • Optimize processes in your factory using Lean Management techniques correlated with additional data.
  • Eliminate the risk of downtime by speeding up a location of a maintenance team members operating on the site.

Integration ROI
  • Integrate Trackgen with other IoT devices to gain additional knowledge on specific environmental factors in your factory.
  • Trackgent can be integrated as a support tool to any ERP/CMMS software – no need to be vendor-dependent!

Optimize movement
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Manage resources
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Increase safety
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Manage employees
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Monitor environment
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Well-though solution
for various industries

Learn about Trackgent benefits

Installation and maintenance without interference in the facility’s infrastructure.​

No impact on the proper operation of other industrial devices on site.

Real-time alerting and historical data monitoring (generated heat-maps).

Possibility to equip the system with RFID or NFC tags, allowing integration with access or time-keeping systems.

Ability to customize the tag according to workplace needs, e.g. in the helmet, protective clothing, shoe.

Positioning with an accuracy of 20 cm.

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