Trackgent RTLS solution is based on a 2-component hardware set composed of smart tags and anchors. It enables location of objects or people with high accuracy (up to 10 cm) in confined spaces. Flexibility of the system allows to optimize the deployment thanks to adaptive precision. Trackgent uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio technology which gives you most accurate and frequent location updates and does not interfere with nearby Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. It is independent from other location and navigation systems e.g. GPS.

Smart tags

Trackgent tag is an ergonomic identifier allowing to effectively determine the location of its holder – a person, an object or a device. It sends out a message to be identified by nearby anchors to determine its position. The battery lifetime allows for minimum 2 years of continuous usage and can be extended further thanks to accessible customization options.



Additional tag features

Minimum 2 years of continuous operation

ABS plastic enclosure with multiple holder options

A multi-colored LED indicating customizable information

Easy-to-replace CR2450 battery

Smart anchors

Trackgent anchors are being installed within a monitored area and serve as reference points to locate tags. The adaptive precision of the system allows to go from one anchor per area (to achieve accuracy per room) to 4 anchors per area to achieve up to 10cm accuracy readings. Anchors are powered by PoE to minimize the infrastructure and use a network of switches to send data to the server.



Smart gateways

Trackgent gateway is a core element of the system responsible for two-way communication between tags, anchors and cloud service. It assists with managing logistics thanks to software rule engine features. 

The gateway is powered by Power of Ethernet (PoE) cable which simultaneously provides internet connection for cloud services. Built-in UWB module allows communication with tags and anchors.

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