Why is Trackgent
doing a great job for healthcare?

In such a demanding environment as medical facilities it is extremely important to ensure secure and high quality of service delivery. Using a reliable and precise positioning tool enables optimization of staff and equipment flows in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

Asset's location ROI
  • Nurses can waste up to an hour per shift looking for equipment – with one look into the system to locate the nearest disinfected wheelchair, insulin pump or even an available bed can be lifesaving!
  • By verification of assets utilization hospitals can cut costs by eliminating the abundance of leased devices

Historical location ROI
  • By analyzing the flows of the people and objects, medical facilities can improve their overall performance.
  • Heatmaps allow for a quick look and analysis of the devices’ utilization.

Integration ROI
  • By integrating with medical assets such as fluid dispensers, Trackgent acts as an additional data source to support hand hygiene.
  • Trackgent can be integrated as a support tool to any HIS software – no need to be vendor-dependent!

Safety ROI
  • Support evacuation processes by knowing the current or last known position of an object.
  • Prevent theft of devices by monitoring their paths.

Patients’ location ROI
  • By analyzing the paths of the patient, reports regarding their history of treatment can be automatically prepared.
  • Patient tracking can prevent unauthorized gatherings, entry into restricted areas or attempts to leave the hospital.

Manage resources
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Increase workflow efficiency
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Monitor environment
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Manage movement
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Improve care quality
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Flexible solution
for a demanding industry

Explore benefits of Trackgent at your facility

Location of equipment and personnel with an accuracy up to 20 cm.​

Easy installation and maintenance without heavy infrastructure investment.​

Real time alerting and monitoring  of historical data (generated heat-maps).​

No exposure to interference of system components with other medical devices.​

Possible integration with hospital-specific managing systems.

Ergonomic, easy to disinfect and user-friendly system tags.

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