University Clinical Center

Check how Trackgent answered a challenge regarding hand disinfection process at one of Poland’s largest academic hospitals.


University Clinical Center (UCK) is one of the largest hospitals in Poland, established by the Medical University of Gdańsk in 1945. Since then UCK have been providing medical services, offering comprehensive diagnostics and treatment. Cooperation with the university provides the hospital with an access to state-of-the-art technology, world medical knowledge and clinical research.



Deficiencies in the application of hand disinfection procedures, based on WHO-recommended 5 moments of hand hygiene.


Implement preventive measures to ensure the highest quality of medical services.



Trackgent system has been implemented for automatic and unattended monitoring of the effectiveness of hygienic hand disinfection process.


Disinfection zones, equipped with fluid dispensers and sinks, have been installed within hospital rooms.


Monitoring of patient bed zones in hospital rooms has been introduced.


Medical personnel have been equipped with name tags.

fot.: Sylwia Mierzewska UCK


The operation of the system made it possible to track the work process (disinfection station – patient bed – disinfection station) along with control of the amount of disinfecting liquid taken.

Monitoring the process ensured detection of several abnormalities that could affect the number of adverse hospital infections e.g. passing between patients without proper hand disinfection, performing multiple activities after a single hands disinfection.

Using collected data UCK has an opportunity to improve the process by providing a series of trainings showing the adverse impact of non-compliance in the detected areas.

It is estimated that streamlining the process on an annual basis will generate savings from the costs associated with handling HAIs of approximately $1M USD per year.

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