The operation of Trackgent system is based on Flexgent software, which allows to manage the deployment and system components. Trackgent application itself is responsible for visualizing the position of tags within monitored area, enabling access to historical data and IoT sensor data readout.

Real-time monitoring

Trackgent software allows real-time status monitoring of all system components (tag, anchors, gateways, zones), in the form of easy-to-read visual map. The map view empowers its user to monitor both the behavior and location of given components.

Trackgent application enables to freely define zones within the digital map of the monitored object. Based on the current position of a particular tag, actions can be taken immediately to improve flow and ensure security at the facility.

Rule engine algorithm

One of the key functionalities of Trackgent software is the rule engine, which allows setting up necessary rules for given behaviors. It analyzes data regarding monitored areas (whether it is a position, event or an IoT device reading) and executes specific actions that are setup by the user.

The basic core is something similar to IF/THEN function, but extended to all the devices present, or available for integration, in the Trackgent system.

Equipment management

Trackgent software allows you to manage all defined system components.
It is possible to add and remove equipment, customize tags, define or edit necessary device templates as well as check and manage the status of all components in the system.

In addition, it is possible to define and manage zones that require monitoring and are covered by rule-engine settings.

Historical data readout

Trackgent software provides access to historical data from running system. Application gives the ability to generate heatmaps, which are a visualization of traffic flow e.g. mapping the time that selected tag stayed within a monitored area.

In addition, software allows to create spaghetti diagrams displaying selected device or personnel movement path map along with start and end of route indicators.

Additionally it is possible to create reports for designated zones to monitor the flow, dwell time and number of tags in certain zones. Data can be filtered by selecting devices, time and date from which they should be generated.

Additional functionalities

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Application web interface has been optimized for various browsers.

The suite of server applications may be deployed either in Softgent cloud or on client's dedicated infrastructure.

Server functions are provided by a suite of applications running in the cloud.

The cloud software services provide API, which will securely provide access to all configuration and data, as well as live location updates over MQTT.

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