Learn how Trackgent supported production optimalization goal at a large manufacturing plant.


Protektor is a leading Polish manufacturer of specialized footwear from Lublin with over 70 years of experience. Company operates in production and distribution of protective shoes dedicated for uniformed services, healthcare personnel and other high-risk professions.



Risk of starting a potentially dangerous press machine by an unauthorized worker.


Strong need to optimize manual processes of sewing shoes.

fot.: Protektor



Trackgent devices were installed above indicated machines, both press and sewing stations.


Press machine has been equipped with a Wi-Fi controlled switch.


Press station was geo-fenced allowing only allocated worker to start it, when present in the zone.


Sewing stations were also geo-fenced enabling time measurement of staff in the zone per shift.


Additionally, power measuring devices were added to monitored sewing machines.


Only if there was an authorized tag in the zone, without any other unauthorized tags, the machine could be switched on.

A daily raport from Trackgent system was available to show the time spent in each zone and the power output of each sewing machine.

Collected data, in correlation with the number of shoes produced on each machine, gave lean managers necessary input to optimize workflow processes.

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