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Ensuring safety of residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Many residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities suffer from memory problems and all forms of dementia. Care providers (both day care and 24-hour care providers) must address the special needs of such residents in their offerings.

The number one need is health and safety, which in many institutions is accomplished through dedicated programs assigned to patients, specific to the stage of illness. These programs pay special attention to maintaining a daily routine, introduce additional signage on walls and floors, and personalize the assistance provided by medical staff.

All of these programs and activates offered by reputable institutions have a positive impact on the level of service provided, although due to the large commitment of human resources, they are costly and not always effective.

ncreasing the effectiveness of preventive memory loss and dementia-related conveniences, that guarantee the safety and comfort of patients, while reducing the commitment of resources, and guaranteeing a reduction in costs is possible thanks to technology.

Here’s how:

  • Monitoring patient positions in real time, make it possible to automate notifications of lost residents in nursing homes and retirement homes or in any designated areas. The TRACKGENT system developed by SOFTGENT enables real-time, high-precision indoor position determination. The system makes it possible to, for example, detect and alert the presence of a resident in a stairwell for a longer period (e.g., 10 minutes), which may suggest they are lost. Institutions that have decided to implement the TRACKGENT system, in addition to possibilities of monitoring residents and guests in their facilities, get constant access to facility environmental monitoring providing readings of temperature, humidity, pressure, noise level, and air quality. Continuous monitoring of these parameters is often a convincing argument for choosing a particular nursing or residential home.
  • Providing residents with access to interactive games can reduce or slow down the process of memory loss or progressive dementia. Games like puzzles, memory cards, logic games, etc. can easily be made available on a tablet or other mobile device. Technology also allows these types of games to be personalized with elements of the resident’s life such as photos of loved ones or family videos. SOFTGENT as part of offered services can quickly prepare such tools for the needs of residents, additionally enriching them by adding patient vital signs self-check etc.

Please contact us, if you would like to learn more about how technology can differentiate your nursing or assisted leaving home and enhance it with dedicated tools for residents with memory diseases.