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RTLS makes your warehouse smarter

— The pandemic has had a significant impact on the growth of e-commerce sector. As a result, suppliers had to find ways to remodel their logistics management, being forced to keep up with increasing volume of orders placed. Even after the drop in demand caused by the pandemic, companies are forced to look for solutions aimed at improving operational efficiency. In the field of logistics, the term smart warehouse is becoming more and more up-to-date as optimizing processes is a measurable benefit and a must-have in today’s reality. 

Building a smart warehouse involves analyzing key processes such as entry operations, storage, sorting, exit, loading, unloading and transport, to identify areas for improvement. Malfunctions in these processes can cause potential downtime, failure risks and have a major impact on the safety in the workplace.

With the development of IoT technologies, opportunities have arisen for the warehouse and logistics industry to become smart. What does that mean? Smart warehouse is simplified and more automated. Automation, in turn, drives reduction in labor costs and, at the same time, improves efficiency. And this is where introducing RTLS solution comes as a tool. This technology enables high accuracy real-time tracking of personnel, vehicles and goods leading to management optimization and a great increase in performance. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting RTLS solutions. In addition to cost, some of the key ones are maturity of the solution, ease of deployment and ability to integrate with already deployed IoT systems in the warehouse. Trackgent is an off-the-shelf solution designed to take over smart processes at your warehouse, covering all of above boxes. Learn about industrial use cases where Trackgent can drive workflow efficiency: 

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