How can Trackgent
support visitor flow?

Visitor facilities put a great effort on security and efficiency of visitor flow. By implementing guest positioning solution, placed in user-friendly tags, it is possible to optimize visitor service process, enhance security within the facility and improve possible evacuation process.

Manage visitor flow
  • Select monitored areas according to your needs.
  • Locate visitors within the facility in real-time.
  • Analyze the number of guests in a certain area.
  • Analyze historical data from generated heatmaps to verify most occupied zones and implement improvements in the visitor flow.
  • View archive of visits of selected guests.
Increase security
  • Monitor guest flow and intensity including dedicated visitor paths.
  • Identify visitors by using personalized tags (e-ink display functionality).
  • Prevent entry into restricted areas.
  • Manage the evacuation process from affected premises by tracking and counting tags.
Monitor environment
  • Monitor environmental factors within the facility (air quality and pressure, temperature, humidity, light brightness or noise level) thanks to anchor-integrated functionality.
  • Manage events related to exceeding the limits of monitored factors.
  • Integrate Trackgent with any sensing device, ex. door/window opening system, to create multifunctional monitoring system within the facility.
Manage visitor flow
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Increase security
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Monitor environment
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Support solution
for frequently visited entities

Explore benefits of Trackgent at your facility

Real time alerting and historical data monitoring.

Ergonomic and user-friendly system tags with guest customization option.

Easy installation and maintenance without large investment and interference in building infrastructure.

Visitor location with an accuracy of 20 cm.

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